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Thrilling new walks highlight ghost walk's 2021 season

It’s hard to believe that the Haunted Tiffin Ghost Walk is 7 years old this summer. This season promises to be bigger and better than ever, complete with old favorites and new experiences “Where History Meets the Paranormal.”

Throughout the past decade, we’ve met so many people and made countless friends – both living and dead. And although our older walks such as the Brothels/Camp Ball and Little Hedges/Cholera remain on the schedule, the fact is, we’re just getting started folks.

We have added a second Fort Seneca walk with nothing repeated from the Fort Seneca Part I tour. It’s amazing how much incredible history there is in this little burg of roughly 217 people – depending upon whether somebody gets born or someone dies. Situated between two War of 1812 forts, it’s one of the oldest villages in Seneca County.

Just around the bend in the vicinity of Steyer Nature Preserve (exact location to be determined), we will feature a one-weekend-only paranormal investigation on July 30 and 31 that will highlight that area’s Native Americans. From the notorious Peter Pork to the fascinating life of William Spicer, this event will be more of an investigation than an actual walk. It’s perfect for those who love history and the paranormal but physically can’t maneuver a lengthy walk. Not only will this event bring the various Indian tribes to light, it also will spotlight our incredible team of psychics and investigators.

On Aug. 8, I’ll be leading a 2-hour stroll through the old section of Old Fort’s incredibly historic Pleasant Union Cemetery. From the richest to the poorest, business people to politicians, war heroes and even a few of the characters, visitors will discover the area’s “history you didn’t learn in school.”

We are continuing to work on two more new tours, although the months of research it takes to put a ghost walk together may force us to reschedule those for next year. Keep watching our Haunted Tiffin Ghost Walk Facebook page and our website, for details.

One more thing. This year I am offering daytime or evening history walks (without the ghosts) of ANY and ALL of the ghost walk routes. These walks are by appointment only and are perfect for families, organizations, class reunions, family reunions or individuals who would like to learn more about the history of the area. They will be available Sunday-Thursday. If you would like to schedule a history-only excursion, send an email to and specify which tour and the day/time you’d like to come.

Visit our website and click on SITES to see walk information. And as always, remember to like our Facebook page to stay abreast of all upcoming events.

Here’s to another great season of paying homage to those who came before!

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