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OUR STORY ... Meet the Team


Lisa Swickard is an award-winning author/historian/journalist and paranormal investigator. With 10 local history books to her credit, Swickard specializes in "fascinating history you didn't learn in school. ©" She founded the ghost walks in 2015 and narrates each of the tours. The paranormal is nothing new to her; it has been a part of her family for five generations. "The ghost walks are the ultimate mix of the two things I love, and we have an absolutely phenomenal team of professionals in psychic Lindsey Lawson, fellow historian John Huss, equipment techs Rach Wynkoop and Mike Gase, psychic Emily Rinaman, and sensitives Nancy Oldaker, Susie Feasel and Carol Moore. Each of us have at least 30-plus years experience in our fields," explains Swickard. "In these walks we are keeping alive the people who lived here a long time ago and may have otherwise slipped into obscurity. I think they know that and that's why they come to visit us week after week."









Lindsey Lawson is a psychic medium with empathic abilities who first recognized her unique gift when she was 5 years old. She has been honing her abilities since 2012 by meditating on a regular basis and practicing astral projection, among other things. Lawson has the ability to talk with those who have departed this earth by picking up on their emotions or pain. She can see past events and also has developed the rare ability to touch an object and feel its energy in order to determine what has transpired in a particular situation. "I let the walls talk to me," she says. "I wouldn't be who I am today without my sensitivity. I'm not afraid of my abilities; I embrace them." 




Rachel "Rach" Wynkoop has been interested in the paranormal since childhood. The idea of being able to communicate with those who have gone before continues to be fascinating for her. During the past few years she has undergone intensive study in regard to paranormal investigation and become experienced with afterlife communication. In her repertoire, Rach employs a variety of equipment from dowsing rods -- used in ancient times -- to the latest advancements in paranormal technology.  Her passion for history and her top-notch research ability makes her an invaluable member of this outstanding team.



Nancy Price Oldaker first realized she was a sensitive when she was 7 years old, when she sensed someone sitting on her bed near her head. She was confident it was her great-grandmother, but the little girl asked her to leave as she was afraid. With that, the indentation in the bed lifted. Today Nancy continues to hone the gift she ignored for so long. She now welcomes the spirits who want to communicate. They give her clues such as names, age, sex and the era from which they lived. Nancy also can pick up on their emotions. She works on intuition; meaning, she feels rather than sees them. "My intuition is on high," Nancy explains. She also advises others: "if you get a gut feeling, listen to it."



Emily Rinaman is a clairvoyant medium who has exhibited psychic abilities since she was young. Emily says she was in her early 30s before she fully began to embrace and develop her gift. Her primary psychic attributes center around psychic dreaming and psychometry -- a technique where she receives psychic impressions when touching an object or person. Her ultimate goal as a psychic is to work with law enforcement to solve missing person cases.



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