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Capturing the Spirits


I personally never know when an entity is going to show itself in one of my photographs, but it's always something I consider to be a pleasant surprise. The same is true when a spirit speaks to us over our digital recorders (known as EVPs or Electronic Voice Phenomenon). The following are some of the spirit photos and EVPs we have encountered on our journey into the paranormal. ~ Lisa Swickard

All Images Copyright © Lisa Swickard/Virgin Alley Press


On Oct. 10, 2020, Haunted Tiffin Ghost Walk guest Cari Davey Kloack captured an extraordinary piece of paranormal evidence at the former brothel, the Hotel Monroe. Besides the array of orbs in the video, a VERY RARE shadow figure can be seen strolling past the light-colored pillar. 


Another amazing video taken by Cari Davey Kloack on Oct. 10, 2020. This time, a near perfect orb makes its way toward the palace of pleasure. We think someone at the Hotel Monroe wanted her attention.  Orbs are energy balls. It is believed they are spirits who are attempting to manifest.

Copyright©Lisa Swickard/Virgin Alley Press


The brothels never disappoint. During a 2014 investigation inside this old Hotel Monroe, Lisa took a picture of the transom (right) to show to an architect friend. What she got was this sweeping form. During that investigation, the flashlight was drained and when it came back on, it began to strobe. Plaster fell off the wall and the meters were off the charts with activity.



EVPs ... When the spirits speak

Electronic Voice Phenomena, also known as an EVP, happens when a spirit speaks through a digital device. This is one of the most incredible forms of paranormal investigation.

Right: Peter Pork was a Cayuga Indian that we feature in both our Fort Seneca and Winterberry Farm Ghost Walks. In 2019, he made his presence known to team members Rach and Mike.



In 2017, during a private home investigation, psychic Lindsey Lawson talks about a "picture taker," and almost immediately a voice responds, "This is neat. I like this picture."

                           DIBLE/WOLLETT HOUSE • MELMORE, OHIO

On Nov. 13, 2005, our world was rocked when a drunk driver drove through our friends' house in Melmore, Ohio, killing 8-year-old Richelle Dible. Richelle was a fixture at our house, always coming to see the kitties and chickens. She passed over to the other side just hours after she was hit.


About a week later, on an overcast Sunday afternoon, I walked to the vacant house to shoot some photos before it was torn down. Although it's impossible to tell in this photo, the entire rear of the house was demolished from the truck's impact. No one was at the residence that day, except Richelle, who appears to be standing between the screen door and front door. In life, my little friend loved to have her picture taken. I'm glad she posed for one last shot with me. 

Copyright©Lisa Swickard/Virgin Alley Press

                                           PLANTATION HOUSE, NEAR MORRISTOWN, TENN.

This was, to date, the absolute ultimate in paranormal investigation and spirit photography. On a trip to this vacant plantation house, entities drained batteries for energy, and that night, it drained the flashlight. The digital recorder mysteriously stopped and when it began working, a strange voice was heard to say, "Look behind her." With that, Lisa turned and snapped three photos in the dining room area. The result was the green face in the window.


Later, as the group was outside debating whether to go back into the house, Lisa discovered the rather demonic-looking image (right). Needless to say, it was time to call it a night. 

Copyright©Lisa Swickard/Virgin Alley Press

Copyright©Lisa Swickard/Virgin Alley Press


There was more to the site of Tiffin's former Crystal Traditions than met the eye. The basement is part of the city's second jail. On a night in early July 2015, Lisa Swickard and a fellow investigator accompanied co-owner Judy Smith to that site. The investigator is in the white T-shirt at the right. Judy is standing in the center of the photo. Lisa was behind the lens. So who is the man standing in the foreground at the right? We don't know ... 

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