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Come Walk With Us ... If You Dare
The Haunted Tiffin Ghost Walk is an after-dark historical tour/paranormal investigation that spotlights 10 of Tiffin and Seneca County, Ohio's most legendary — and sometimes slightly sordid — landmarks. Join award-winning author/historian/ paranormal investigator Lisa Swickard, psychic medium Lindsey Lawson and a host of other experts as they guide you in this truly unique, entertaining experience as the team explores the phenomena that lies beyond our physical world ... 

All ghost walks and material are © copyrighted 2021 by Lisa Swickard/Virgin Alley Press. Any unauthorized use by a group or individual is strictly prohibited.

Discover the little-known battle in which the 49th suffered the most devastating loss of human life.

Bettsville, Ohio: Little Town, BIG History

Introduced 2016

One of the most resilient small towns in Seneca County, Bettsville has survived two fires that wiped out the downtown district more than a century ago.

Join us for a walk through the downtown district, visit the house once occupied by a kindly physician who, as a young medical student, was convicted of grave robbing. 

Stroll through the village's first cemetery and cap off the evening inside the historic mausoleum. 

Join our team for a traditional pre-walk dinner at the Blue Eagle Inn. 

Little Hedges Park/Court Street/Julia Rumsey

Introduced 2016

Green Lady Charlotte Hoyt.JPG
Judge Bunn.JPG
Little Hedges Park


The site of the first city cemetery in 1834, Little Hedges Park housed the graves of scores of Tiffinites who fell victim to the 1834 cholera epidemic. It fell into disrepair and the bodies were moved to Greenlawn Cemetery in 1859. But did they get them all ... 





The Green Lady 


Charlotte Hoyt's life was steeped in scandal. Born into a local farm family in 1867, she left the rural life for the big city and ultimately married two millionaires before filing for her second divorce and moving back to Tiffin.  There, her scandalous reputation continued as a result of her relationship with Judge J.F. Bunn.  Wealthy and eccentric, she was often seen in Tiffin riding in an expensive green carriage, with she and her driver both clad in green garb. But her salacious personal life made her an outcast in proper Tiffin society until her untimely death in 1903.


Court Street/Courthouse Square

Court Street was one of the most eclectic streets in Tiffin. From the Harter Candy Co., that specialized in the manufacture of delicious chocolates, to Kiesslings' saloon and restaurant, to the Advertiser newspaper office, Court Street was always hopping. Situated opposite Courthouse square, the area was abuzz with the famous and infamous in Tiffin's rich history.


Julia Rumsey

Tiffin's first female physician, Julia Rumsey was a doctor when very few women were admitted to the profession. She had a thriving career here, until a shipwreck in 1865 claimed her life. 

Fort Ball/Ketchup Botttle Murder/Brothels

Introduced in 2015

Camp Ball, War of 1812 


Enter the confines of Camp Ball, the fort built as a supply depot during the War of 1812. Surveyed by Gen. William Henry Harrison, the location was chosen for its close proximity to the Sandusky River and the natural spring that offered a constant supply of fresh water. 


Even though the fort saw no fighting, death from disease did occur and burials outside the fort were commonplace. How many soldiers still lie beneath the ground? No one knows ...

Ketchup Bottle Murderer


Visit the site of the former home of Tiffin Millionaire Col. Albert Brewer. In May 1902 the industrialist's life changed forever when he killed a man in a bar fight . The weapon of choice -- a ketchup bottle. Relive the odd details of the event, and the more bizarre details of Brewer's untimely death exactly one year after the murder.


Do the murder and the victim still haunt the premises, or was Brewer's death one of the most outrageous cover ups of all time? ...



Hotel Monroe

The Hotel Monroe ~ originally the site of the Ohio Stove Works ~ began operation as a hotel sometime around 1913-1914. Situated across from the railroad depot, it soon gained a reputation as a popular house of ill-fame in Tiffin's red light district.


It's been said some of the women never left ...

Hotel Berlin

Mattie Ross Nisonger was the most famous madam in Tiffin's history. Her Hotel Berlin was considered a classy "palace of pleasure." In fact, is was the most respectable disrespectable establishment in the city.


Even in death, Mattie wouldn't have it any other way ...

Haunted 1913 Flood Walk

Introduced in 2016

Relive the most harrowing events of the Great Flood of 1913, which still stands as Tiffin's —and Ohio's — greatest natural disaster.


Join us on a journey along one of the streets that suffered almost insurmountable devastation. From death to damage, this area also saw triumph as the citizens sought to rebuild their lives. 


Based on Swickard's award-winning book, Calamity and Courage: Tiffin's Battle During Ohio's Deadly 1913 Flood ( this ghost walk is sure to be a thrilling tale of those who perished and survived. Across the paranormal realm, this area has proven to be dotted with visits from those who succumbed to those raging waters more than a century ago. 


Introduced in 2017

Tiffin Shoe Factory/Van Nette Flats

This 2017 Haunted Tiffin Ghost Walk route begins at the historic Tiffin Shoe Factory at the corner of Liberty Street and Riverside Drive. Built in 1871, the factory was known for the manufacture of women’s high-button shoes. Eventually, it became the Van Nette Apartments and was home to inventor Jasper Van Nette. This promises to be an active site, considering the numerous people who have passed through its doors for more than a century!

Infamous Railroad Bridge

The old Railroad Bridge harbors the energy from the tragic 1913 Flood.


Even though it was the only bridge left standing in Tiffin after Ohio’s worst natural disaster, it played a role in at least three deaths that occurred during, and after, the flood.


Are those spirits still roaming the area? Join us to find out!

Mueller's Brewery &

the Brewmaster's House

The Mueller Brewery/Tiffin Scenic Studios is one of Tiffin’s most historic structures. Situated on Riverside Drive, the brewery was started by Christ Mueller and Val Schmidt in 1854. The ornate house next door was the brewmaster’s house, originally occupied by Mueller.  Tiffin Scenic Studios – that was started in 1901 -- eventually moved into the brewery after the advent of Prohibition.

The incredible actress

Susan Willis

The brewery ultimately became Tiffin Scenic Studios. Our discussion about that Tiffin institution rolls into a talk about Tiffin's best-kept secret, actress Susan Willis. 

Kuebler Home ~ The Shoe Dynasty

The historic home of Joseph Kuebler marks the final stop on this tour of one of the most historic areas of Tiffin. The Kuebler House was built in 1886 by the Joseph, whose grandfather, (also named Joseph) made his mark in Tiffin by beginning a shoe store dynasty in 1832. Today, Kuebler Shoes is one of the oldest continuously operating shoe stores in the United States. Perhaps Joseph or one of five generations of Kueblers watch over the property. 

1913 Flood Klingshirn Property Investigation

Introduced in 2017

Above: Mary Klingshirn Hostler survived the flood but never recovered from her crippling loss. Right: George Klingshirn Jr. and his bride-to-be Regina Ranker perished together. Center: Swickard's award-winning book that takes readers on an exciting journey of that crushing event.

The 1913 Flood was tragic for many businesses and individuals in Tiffin, but no familes were more devastated than the ill-fated Klingshirn and Knecht clans. 

This fascinating investigation takes visitors to the actual site where the houses stood, and Swickard recalls the last moments of those poor souls. 

"I got very attached to these families when I was writing my book, Calamity and Courage," Swickard explains. "This is my tribute to them; my way of making sure they are never forgotten."

CAMP NOBLE, where the 49th OHIO Volunteer Infantry

was created during the Civil War!

Introduced 2018







Psychic Lindsey Lawson has established the area that served as an early boot camp under Gen. William Harvey Gibson is active. Now you can hear the incredible story surrounding this historic Tiffin venue and the role its soldiers played in some of the bloodiest battles of the Civil War. In addition, this walk introduces visitors to the neighborhood that once was home to some of Tiffin's most unique movers and shakers. 

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